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December 8, 2023

Dispatch from LeadingAge: Here’s What Our Industry Wants More Of


Among the benefits of attending senior living conferences is the chance to take the pulse of the industry in real time, with real people.

Such was the case at the recent LeadingAge conference in Chicago, where professionals from across the senior living universe—operators, sales and marketing teams, HR personnel, and technology leaders—converged to trade industry views and news.

Here are three takeaways that stood out to us at FURTHER:

  • Senior living organizations are seeking help with recruitment. The labor struggles plaguing the market in recent years have yet to ease up. Many roles at senior living orgs are subject to high turnover rates, which makes recruiting an ever-present issue.

    This came as no surprise to us: Not only has FURTHER recognized this issue for some time, but we have also built out solutions to alleviate staffing challenges. Our proprietary platform helps HR teams with recruitment much as it helps sales and marketing teams convert leads into residents: Job seekers visiting the websites of senior living organizations we partner with are prompted to answer a series of basic-yet-engaging questions, ending in collection of their contact information. FURTHER integrates with applicant tracking systems, allowing orgs to capture and pursue promising job-seeking leads. We think our mere 10-15% bounce rate speaks volumes.

  • Senior living organizations are (increasingly) intrigued by AI. Orgs in our industry have been looking to incorporate technology and modern user experiences for a while. And our unique position in the industry has us aware of micro shifts within that overarching trend on a year-over-year basis.

    Specifically, we’ve noticed changing attitudes around the use of AI. Whereas a year or two ago many operators were wary of its implementation, today more and more senior living orgs are bullish on the tech’s possible uses. We see this as a positive direction for the industry: FURTHER has long set store in AI’s utility, and we’re excited to see others in the space mirroring our enthusiasm.

  • Senior living organizations are interested in better managing their leads. Many organizations face no shortage of leads. Instead, they are struggling to separate the wheat from the chaff, as it were. It can be difficult for sales and marketing teams to discern which prospects are likely to end in move-ins and which are likely to peter out. Combine this with a dearth of manpower, and the challenge is all the greater.

    Small wonder, then, that senior living orgs are seeking new and innovative lead segmentation solutions. By offering lead-scoring and effortless follow-up abilities, new technologies like FURTHER make identifying and pursuing the right leads easier than ever before.


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