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About Us

We were founded to deliver intelligent solutions to the challenges today’s sales and marketing teams face. Through automation and optimization, our platform delivers superior experiences and exceptional results. With us, teams can Go Further than they ever have before.

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Our Story

Combining years of industry and digital marketing experience, the team at Further sought to build the most effective way to engage, nurture, and convert interest into action. Piecing together individual solutions for lead acquisition, prospect engagement, and business intelligence - the team has created a platform that stands alone in delivering superior customer experience while still powering impactful business outcomes. 

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Our Mission

We understand how challenging it can be to stay on top of all things digital. For sales & marketing teams, tension often exists in the process to gain and qualify more leads. 

We want to make this experience better for your team and your prospects. We believe that through innovative uses of technology, solutions like ours can help you maximize efficiency and effectiveness. 

At Further, we want to help sales and marketing professionals get more out of each day. That's why we exist. To offer intelligent solutions that actually make differences in people's day-to-day.

Wes Fuller | CEO & Co-Founder, Further

We brought together years of healthcare industry experience to craft intelligent solutions to common problems. Our platform puts results within reach and makes achieving results through technology easy. That's the power of Further.

James Johnson | CTO & Co-Founder, Further

I joined Further because, as a Marketer, I saw the tremendous opportunity a solution like this can bring to a team, and I wanted to be a part of growing that.

Chris Beaudin | Head of Marketing, Further

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