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This Is No Ordinary Chatbot

Engage Your Web Traffic

The FURTHER Virtual Sales Assistant, or VSA, helps you automate prospect engagement on your website, essentially moving your funnel higher upstream, and helping you engage more leads.

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Engage Visitors on your Website
Transform your website from a passive "digital brochure" into an active selling experience through our chat solution
Reach Next Steps With Guided Flows
Prospects can choose from a menu of repackaged content from your site, helping them start the sales process on their own
Ask & Answer
Prospects will have questions. "Can I have pets?" "Do you have a pool?" Our tool can give instant answers to these questions
Give Them What They Want
Easily load pictures, videos, 3D tours, floorpans and more
Let Them Take the Next Step
Prospects can view pricing, start a text conversation, and schedule a tour all from the chat
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Extend the power of the Virtual Sales Assistant across the web to make it easier for prospects to find and engage with you. 

Don't Lose Good Leads

Automate Follow Up & Lead Nurturing

Achieve speed-to-lead with your known prospects. Our Contact and Messaging Assistants will send automated text & email messages to your leads, keeping the conversation going, and further qualifying your prospectsOur assistants can also automate communication back and forth with your leads until they are ready to meet your team at the community. This way no leads are left unattended and lost due to inactivity.

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Speed to Lead
Be the first to engage leads with automated follow ups, giving your team the best chance to convert leads to move-ins
Engage Leads Over Text
Converse and qualify leads that are not quite ready so you can move faster with those that are 
Qualify Leads Over Email
Easy to set-up email campaigns keep you top-of-mind with leads
Keep Conversations Going
Keep important lead nurturing conversations going without the stress of follow up. FURTHER will keep you top of mind so you can focus

Your Secret Weopon

Learn & Improve With Insights

We consolidate the most important information into one dashboard so you have all the information needed to make the best decisions. 

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Know What's Happening
View key metrics like site traffic, ppc performance, and sales activity
Know What's Working
Learn what efforts are working from the beginning of your lead's journey to a move in. Use these insights to focus on keywords that get results, understand which promotions are producing, and stop burning budget on things that don't work
Know What to Expect
These insight produce impactful business intelligence helping you make better decisions. You can measure these against our predictive modeling tools which help you forecast move-ins based on your current efforts



We've built a specialized flow to add into your Virtual Sales Assistant chats.

Faster Path for Potential Employees Deliver an efficient and enjoyable experience for potential teammates who are interested in your community
Easier to Manage For You By giving candidates a pathway to apply, you increase your chances at gaining qualified applicants
Cleaner Data for You Removing job candidates from your prospect flow keeps your numbers clean 

One Platform | Countless Benefits

We've designed our solutions to help you hit your targets and achieve your greatest results

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