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FURTHER Virtual Sales

The Virtual Sales Assistant ("VSA") is an automated intelligent sales specialist that provides community website prospects with an interactive and easy to use sales experience.

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Turn Your Website Into a Virtual Sales Office


Automate Your Sales Process

Automation of sales activities brings consistency, predictability and scalability of the sales function to your website, and allows for a warm hand-off from your VSA directly to your sales leader.

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Better Engage Your Online Prospects

Your VSA enables higher levels of service to online prospects allowing them to receive instant answers to FAQ's, access content such as photos, floor plans and videos, and take next steps like booking a tour or starting a text message conversation without ever leaving your website.

Prospect Experience

Understand Your Lead Value

Every prospect click in your VSA is a datapoint that is gathered, allowing you to determine a lead value for each prospect. This data is overlaid across various marketing activities down to the channel and keyword level, providing instant visibility into high value and low value lead sources.

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