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October 12, 2021

Close the Sales Loop With Further’s Lead-Nurturing Capabilities

Our powerful lead conversion platform helps you guide prospects to close while optimizing your sales cycle.

When it comes to senior living, the buyer’s journey isn’t always straightforward. Typically, sales teams have to perform up to eight different touch points per lead. And with only two percent of leads converting on average, that’s an effort of about 800 separate emails, texts, and phone calls to achieve a couple of move-ins.

Compounding this inefficiency is the fact that almost half of lead inquiries come in after working hours, leaving your salespeople unable to respond to emails and calls in real time. And with today’s prospects less inclined to talk on the phone, it’s harder for your sales team to get them to the finish line. 

At Further, we understand your struggle. That’s why we’ve designed a comprehensive, AI-powered lead conversion platform that automates personalized email and SMS outreach to help nurture your leads from capture to close. Here’s how.

Strategically Segmenting Leads

In any industry, making the most of your leads is crucial. It’s especially important for senior living communities, where a single lead has the potential to become a lifetime customer. 

When a prospective buyer visits your website, Further’s virtual sales assistant (VSA) chat solution captures their contact information and collects data based on their behaviors, responses, and engagements, which our platform uses to sort them into targeted segments. These segments are based upon user attributes such as budget (how much they have to spend on one of your units), which stage of the buyer’s journey they’re in, and what information they are seeking out while interacting with the VSA. But we don’t just stop there. The real value of our platform is what we do with this information once we have it. 

Personalized, Automated Lead Nurturing

Powered by AI and natural language processing, Further’s conversational AI technology engages your leads just like a salesperson would. 

We do this by working closely with your team to create predefined, segmented outreach campaigns that put your leads in the driver’s seat. Further then automates lead outreach, sending personalized email and text messages based on your prospective buyers’ known needs and preferences. This allows prospects to feel in control of the sales experience and informed about their options rather than pressured. Meanwhile, your sales team is providing the stellar service modern consumers demand. 

Messages can be customized to your leads’ needs, including multiple content types such as relevant discounts or specials. This creates a cadence of continuous engagement designed to drive prospective buyers toward booking a tour, at which point your sales team can step in to close the deal. 

Automate Manual Sales Tasks 

By intelligently automating manual sales tasks like lead nurturing, Further saves your salespeople valuable time and allows them to focus on prospects that are ready to convert. With more time to focus on the leads that matter most, your team will be able to deliver better service.

And because Further is always conversing with leads, we’re able to keep your team aware of where prospects are in the sales cycle—information we deliver via your preferred CRM and marketing platform. These custom integrations give your organization additional insights and control, maximizing impact and ultimately turning more leads into move-ins.   

Learn more about NURTURE here.

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