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August 20, 2021

Actionable Insights Powered by the FURTHER Dashboard

By now, you’re likely aware that FURTHER’s Virtual Sales Assistant leverages a combination of artificial intelligence and great design to act as an extension of your brand, answering questions and providing prospects with immediate information in a familiar, engaging way. The valuable data and navigation behavior gathered during these conversations is collected on the back-end and then served up, ready for you to view and analyze using the FURTHER Dashboard.  

Understand the Quality of your Leads

We have developed a simple but highly effective way to understand the quality of your leads. By analyzing more than 2.3 million prospect interactions and leveraging cutting-edge machine learning technology and predictive lead scoring, we can tell you which digital attributes and actions your prospects take are most likely to result in a move-in. By analyzing digital prospect behavior, and tracking who actually moves into a community, our predictive model is very effective at identifying high-quality leads. For example, prospects that ask the VSA a question are 2.3x as likely to turn into a move-in, while prospects who schedule a tour are more than 5x  as likely. To achieve an overall score of a prospect, we look at more than 50 different attributes ranging from actions like time spent on each page, the types of questions asked, and whether the community is within their budget.

Increase Marketing ROI

Our proprietary feedback loop begins with connecting every move in back to keyword data, so we can calculate and analyze your digital marketing performance in real-time. By understanding what’s likely to turn from a conversation with the Further VSA into a move-in, we can make much faster recommendations from an ad spending perspective to help maximize marketing ROI. 

Plan Ahead

Tracking metrics daily, weekly, and monthly allows marketers to act on data to improve performance immediately. Through user behavior, move-in data, and keyword analysis, your team can effectively forecast future move-ins. These forecasts are based on both quality and quantity of traffic to your site and help guide your PPC advertising budgets and focus sales efforts exactly where they need to be. You’ll see where you can move forward with successful marketing campaigns and where you should cut spending on initiatives that aren’t providing desired results.

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