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December 14, 2022

5 Tips for Sales Success (From a Former Sales Leader)

I read a post on LinkedIn earlier and it had me reminiscing about my time as a senior living professional. I thought I would take a moment to share some ideas for what helped me be successful in hopes it inspires others as these tips did for me when I first heard them! 

5 tips for senior living sales success.

#1 Relationships

 Senior Living is all about building relationships. Families considering senior living are facing some big challenges with lots of roadblocks in their way. They are going to need to have someone they like and trust to help guide them. This can take time. Don’t expect to build a relationship overnight. Demonstrate through your actions that you care. Find common ground. Make them laugh. Be a story teller.

#2 Discovery

Most people don’t want to leave their house. So, you better have a good understanding on what makes them tick. Ask lots of questions and get them talking. Don't be a walking talking brochure. Show them the things that matter to them, not you. Help them to imagine what their life would be like at your community.

#3 Be Creative

Home visits can be one of the most powerful tools you have. A senior in their 80s typically doesn’t have too many visitors. A short visit to drop off some muffins from the kitchen can make a big impact. It’s a simple and effective part of the relationship building process they will not soon forget.

#4 Gently Challenge

Sometimes adult children need some tough love. Moving a parent into senior living is incredibly challenging. People don’t like taking advise from someone whom they changed a diaper, at one point. But the adult children have a lot of influence *if* they have the courage to use it. If you have invested time in the relationship, then you can challenge the family to step out of their comfort zone. You are the one with all the experience. Teach them what has worked in the past for families. Coach them through it.

#5 Build your Toolbox

There are only a handful of excuses seniors use to avoid moving into senior living. So have a plan to tackle them when they come up. “I have too much stuff” I understand. You can bring the best of it with you. But we have people to help you downsize and some of the stuff that you don’t use anymore we can donate it to those families that need it.
Build a toolbox that you can use to solve for the objections and obstacles. Make sure everyone on your team knows how to use those tools as second nature. Use your experience to be a problem solver!


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