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January 5, 2023

3 Reasons to Go FURTHER in 2023

Starting a 🍾✨New Year🍾✨ means more than just ball drops and resolutions. It's clean slates, new approaches to staying organized, launching new initiatives, and so many other worthy endeavors centered around generating the greatest return on our investments by year’s end. 

In today’s ever evolving landscape, there’s no shortage of available options to consider as you think about this central point of focus: “How can I make my efforts go further towards hitting my in this new year?” 

I want to present you with 3 reasons FURTHER should be on your immediate consideration list if you want to generate the most impact. But, I’m not going to give you my opinion, instead I’m going to share what I’ve learned from senior living professionals like yourself. 

I spent a good bit of time over the past year talking with our customers and learning from their stories. Together we explored the metrics and measures of successes they’d gained with us. But I also dove deeper to understand how these results created impact in their daily lives, and how they saw our solutions as ones that helped them advance their efforts to new levels.

During these conversations three themes emerged. 

Theme #1  “FURTHER Makes my Job Easier”

Provider Comment: FURTHER automatically engages my digital leads so I don’t need to and they don’t have to wait on me - everyone gets timely engagement and interaction
The Details: Providers love our Virtual Sales and Messaging Assistants because they automatically engage your website visitors and known digital leads with timely messages and information

Provider Comment: FURTHER’s AI-powered conversations work to intuitively provide answers and information, which means less questions to my inbox
The Details: Providers love the way our Assistants have been designed for the Senior Living industry, with intuitive designs that guide leads towards the key decision making information they need without having to ask for it

Provider Comment: FURTHER qualifies my leads as it engages them, helping me know where to focus my efforts for highest conversion opportunities
The Details: Providers don’t realize the power of our platform until they’re using it and see how much data and intel we can gather for them. This helps give much needed direction and focus amongst hectic schedules. 

Theme #2  “FURTHER Helps me Do More”

Provider Comment: FURTHER has helped my community engage so many more leads than before, bringing in so many more qualified leads
The Details: Providers always note how many more leads the VSA is able to secure from their own community websites than their traditional forms and other CTAs. 

Provider Comment: FURTHER ensures I don’t miss a chance to follow-up with a lead, they continue the conversation until someone needs my attention
The Details: Providers loved our introduction of the messaging assistant which automates follow-up offline once leads leave your community websites. It keeps the community top-of-mind and helps nurture them until they’re ready. 

Provider Comment: FURTHER has given me time back in my day which let’s me focus my time where it matters most, like preparing for upcoming tours
The Details: Providers truly appreciate being able to do what they do best - meeting with interested candidates to become residents. They fully value the time they save knowing who to focus their attention on, and to not have to lose so much of it manual correspondence with unqualified inquiries. 

Theme #3  “FURTHER Keeps my Building Full”

Provider Comment: FURTHER drove real impact for our community. We immediately saw more qualified leads generated from our own website
The Details: Communities all have different bars to which they measure success, but the constant we routinely hear providers share joy in is the number of qualified leads their own websites are producing. To them, it’s as if FURTHER’s solutions have finally unlocked the potential they knew existed for so long. 

Provider Comment: FURTHER delivers tours to my inbox, no other tool has made as big of an impact on our conversion numbers
The Details: Providers love nothing more than a hot lead who “self converted” themselves into a tour. They love our ability to gracefully create qualification checkpoints while maintaining a friction free path towards booking a visit. 

Provider Comment: FURTHER is our secret weapon when it comes to keeping our occupancy numbers where we need them to be 
The Details: Providers love seeing the move-ins come in. Story after story told of how our solutions were able to help them secure the lead, nurture them towards a tour and eventually a move-in. “5 new move-ins this week!” is an all too common but always welcome phrase from our providers! 


So - the question is…. Are you ready to join others like LCS, Merrill Gardens, and Enlivant who’ve all partnered with us to gain more qualified leads, grow conversion rates, and increase occupancy rates?


If so, it’s time to schedule a demo with one of our industry experts and secure your spot in our FREE trial offer. During this demo you will:

  1. Review a customized demo built just for your organization
  2. Get all the details about our risk FREE Trial (90 days at no cost)
  3. Learn how easy it is to get started - we take care of everything

Request a Demo

Don’t wait, gain the advantage now! We wish you all the success in 2023, and hope to partner with you soon to help you achieve it! 


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