Automated Your
Sales Process

Automation of sales activities brings consistency, predictability and scalability of the sales function to your website, and allows for a warm hand-off from your VSA directly to your sales leader.

An Extension of Your Sales Team

The Virtual Sales Assistant functions as an extension of your sales team to engage with website prospects in real-time.

Always Available, Always Working

The VSA provides around-the-clock coverage for your sales office by sharing information relevant to your community in real-time directly on your website.

Automatically Qualifies Leads

The VSA qualifies your digital leads & discovers intent signals, then communicates them to your sales team via email and text messages.

Real Time Digital Tour Scheduling

The VSA allows prospects to digitally request tours by selecting their preferred day and time.  Sales teams can confirm the time or suggest an alternate time that fits their schedule.

Identify High Intent Prospects

The VSA collects data points as prospects engage with it.  These data points provide insight into each prospect’s engagement level and purchase intent.

Digital Discovery

The VSA asks discovery questions to deliver qualified prospects to sales teams.

Lead Data Enables More Training

More lead data provides targeted training opportunities for members of the sales leadership team.

Continuous Learning

The VSA learns from its user interactions, and can be “trained” through content updates provided by the community.

Detailed Reporting

Community, Region and Owner based reporting and segmenting.

Integrates with Your CRM

Lead information and relevant prospect data points post directly into your CRM.

Trusted by 1,000+ Communities
Engaged with 1 million+ Prospects

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