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Take your competitive market analysis to the next level

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Ready to see the Pricing Assistant?

Hi, I'm Alex Smith!

I'm looking forward to showing you all the FURTHER Pricing Assistant can do for you.  I've spent years understand the senior living marketplace and have designed tools to meet the unique challenges in our industry.

During our time together I'll be able to walk you through:

  • How we'll generate automated insights that help you improve with data
  • How we'll help you capitalize on market trends using competitive shops and historical data
  • How we'll help you identify opportunities for capital allocation and market positioning 

Quicker, More Informed Decisions

The Further Virtual Pricing Assistant Dashboard Streamlines Your Competitive Market Analysis Process by Using Proactive Notifications to Identify Key Revenue Opportunities and  Providing an Intuitive Visual Display of the Market to Promote Quicker and More Informed Decisions That Drive Revenue and Occupancy. 


Next Level Competitive Analysis

Competitive intelligence that increases revenue and occupancy:

Automated Insights Automatic Notifications That Drives Proactive Revenue & Occupancy Strategies.
Market Trends Utilize Historical Competitive Shops To Identify Key Market Trends.
Structured SWOT Enables Users to Identify Market Position and Capital Allocation Opportunities That Make a Difference.
Data Analysis Simple and Intuitive Dashboard Highlights Key Insights That Enable Leaders to Make Efficient and More Data Driven Decisions.

Take Pricing & Competitive Intel FURTHER


Automations That Drive Proactive Revenue & Occupancy Decisions

Key Differentiators

Quickly Identify Key Differentiators And Capital Expenditures Opportunities In Each Market.

Historical Data

Utilize Historical Competitive Pricing Data To Identify Key Trends

Reduced Frustration

Reduce Frustration By Having Single Web-Based Dashboard





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