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Learn How LCS
Improved Their Conversion Rate By 82%

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Case Study

Making All The Right Moves

Amy Elliott and the team at LCS was looking to improve their community website experience but also needed drive higher conversion rates. After careful consideration, they partnered with us. Read about what factors they considered as they chose to chat, and see what kind of success they saw post deployment. Get your copy here:


The biggest reason we partnered with FURTHER and deployed chat was the opportunity to fuel our pipeline and gain valuable insights.

Amy Elliott | Digital Marketing Manager, LCS

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Go Further & Talk To More

We talk to hundreds of senior living sales and marketing teams each month. And 99% of them struggle to engage, qualify, and follow up with leads - which puts pressure on their ability to hit occupancy goals.

This is where our platform comes in.  It automates lead engagement and follow-up, allowing teams to focus on the highest potential prospects, giving them the best chance at a move-in. 

Results like these can be yours too. 


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