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August 4, 2022

Strategic Thinking Amongst An Evolving Market

By Barry Mayer, Senior Account Executive

It sometimes feels like we’re taking one step forward and then two steps back. Given the global economic factors, companies are needing to think more creatively and strategically in order to put themselves in a good position to expand. 

Helping your customers by bringing proven strategies to the table is more important than ever. The old methods and how you've approached the marketplace are changing and if you don’t adapt, you’ll quickly be left behind. Organizations must maximize the ROI with every dollar they spend, and there is no room for indiscriminate spending. 

Conversations we’re having with our partners are centered around how do we bring immediate value, set realistic expectations, help them lower their costs while reducing risk, and even tap into more potential revenue. further_vsa-chat_option-2

At FURTHER, we’re focused on leveraging innovative technologies to build solutions that help Senior Living providers reach their goals and achieve their full revenue potential. These solutions work together to remove barriers that impact your prospect’s ability to make progress, and your sales teams’ ability to serve high intent leads. 

If we look at the perfect scenario, your communities will be proficient at converting website traffic into known, qualified leads that they are able to schedule tours with. In reality though, prospects often get stuck in their journey, unable to access key decision making information or take next steps with the community in a timely fashion. 

These barriers to conversion exist for several reasons:

  • Lack of 24/7 coverage
  • Prospects must submit forms and wait for answers to their important questions
  • Prospects call the community but no one is available to speak with, so they wait for a callback
  • Sales teams are bogged down handling manual tasks
  • Sales response time is slow as they must sift through volumes of inquiries without knowledge of who’s qualified or shows high intent

These barriers limit both your prospects' ability to advance and your sales team’s ability to offer a great experience. The good news is that our solutions can remove these barriers, helping you maximize community revenue. Here’s how:

  • Automate Access to Information . 24/7 digital engagement that provides instant answers and an experience that is appreciated by prospects who prefer to self-serve at the top of the funnel as they look to take the next step 
  • Segmentation. Effective segmentation of leads so that your sales teams can focus their efforts on qualified leads that show the greatest intent to purchase
  • Follow Up. Guaranteed speed-to-lead with automated messaging campaigns that drive more conversations with prospects after they visit your community website
  • Data & Insights. Business intelligence automatically delivered directly to your inbox helps you make smarter marketing decisions

Providers looking to maximize community revenue and maintain an edge amongst competition should embrace digital engagement tools to elevate their website’s experience and conversion performance. Those who have deployed our solutions are overwhelmed with the positive results they’ve seen. Providers report dramatic increases in qualified leads, tours scheduled, and move-ins generated from their website. All this while reducing their customer acquisition costs and gaining improved marketing insights. further_dashboard_optimized

While the overall economic conditions are volatile, the Senior Living industry and U.S. businesses in general also have more tools to combat these headwinds. Economic downturns can be challenging for all types of companies large and small, but with the right strategies, support, and resources… you’ll be more adaptable and in a better position to grow. 


Find out how you can remove barriers and tap into your full revenue potential while elevating your digital leads to the next level. Visit us at today!  

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