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March 15, 2022

Removing Financial Roadblocks FURTHER + Elderlife Financial

Pricing can be a sensitive topic amongst Senior Living providers.

Some are adamant that it should not be disclosed until a prospect is meeting with a community sales leader. Others are willing to disclose pricing on the website, usually, as long as the visitor provides some contact information (hello new marketing-driven lead). But data collected over time has shown that pricing is the element that 70% of senior living prospects will gravitate towards first when they’re beginning their inquiry into a particular community. This is an important fact because it tells us what the largest potential qualifier a prospect or lead may have when considering your community. And, it’s a double-edged sword that you need to balance carefully to help preserve as many quality leads as possible, without losing them along the way.

Here’s why:
There is a considerable effort that your marketing team puts into getting a prospect to find your website in their search, and after reviewing your website, being willing to raise their hand to meet with your sales team. Which makes it all the more important to find ways to prevent potentially good leads from being lost for the wrong reasons. If pricing is the most important factor for prospects, then not displaying pricing may reduce your potential pool of leads. But what if you display your price and the prospect thinks they can’t afford it? Are they now lost too because they’re going to move on before having the important conversation regarding what options are available to them?

Now let’s think about your community sales leaders. They are already stretched incredibly thin balancing the daily demands life in a community can bring, so much so that they don’t have time to waste on leads that would never be financially qualified for their community. What they need to help them hit their goals are conversations with qualified prospects who understand their abilities to afford the care they seek.

What we want to offer is a solution to both of these problems in the form of our AI-powered Virtual Sales Assistant partnered with the services of Elderlife Financial. Combined, your team will not only be able to engage more of your site’s traffic, but you’ll be able to convert it to qualified leads for your sales team’s to work ~ with the conversation around financial options already started. And the result? More move-ins.Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 9.05.26 PM


How the FURTHER VSA converts site traffic into qualified leads
Marketers work hard to drive traffic to their site - BUT - then they hope the prospect is willing to pick up the phone and call them or fill out a form. What if they have timely questions? What if further_vsa-chat_option-2-pngwhile they’re waiting for someone to get back to them another community answers their questions first? FURTHER helps communities get more qualified leads by proactively engaging website traffic with an easy-to-use tool that offers them quick access to the more important information they’re seeking. This allows site visitors to engage more deeply with a community in their search, increasing the chances that they get their questions answered. While the visitor is exploring the information and asking the VSA questions, the VSA intuitively captures lead information. All of these interactions are documented and provided to the community to enable the sales lead to have more meaningful conversations with pre-qualified prospects.

How Elderlife Financial will help you save more qualified leads
As leads come to your site and learn more about your community, they’ll quickly want to evaluate if this is within their budget. What most prospects do not realize is that there are many options available to them when it comes to Converse | 2wayfinancing their care. Elderlife works to help seniors understand their true levels of affordability by learning more about the potential resident. A financial concierge will ask important questions about the prospect's assets, what aid they may qualify for, and special circumstances that may help their situation. Through this process the prospect will learn what their buying power and budget is, helping them qualify and consider locations more suited to their needs.

FURTHER + Elderlife | How It Drives More Move-Ins
Our partnership with Elderlife has allowed us to connect the power of their services to our Virtual Sales Assistant. As prospects begin to explore pricing within the VSA they are given the opportunity to learn more about their financialfurther_spending-graphic-1_option-2@2x options. Within the tool, they can begin to answer questions that will help Elderlife further assist them with options for financing. The real power of this is that it moves the financial conversation forward, which helps avoid roadblocks later on in the process. It also preserves leads that may have disqualified themselves too soon. This increases the pool of qualified leads that a community can engage, giving them a higher likelihood of securing move-ins. The investment of time the lead has spent learning their financial options also significantly increases the chances the prospect will remain engaged with that community. Ultimately, the likelihood of a move-in rises dramatically with a lead who has qualified themselves both with their interest in the property and their ability to afford their residency.

Ready to see it in action?
Our team would be happy to walk you through our team of AI-powered assistants or connect you with Elderlife Financial to learn more about their services. Organizations like yours that seek to remove roadblocks residents encounter in their journey find that they improve their sales process and as a result increase their occupancy. Let us know how we can help you drive towards stronger results this year.

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