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November 4, 2023

6 Articles About AI

6 Articles About AI That Every Senior Care Operator Should Read

Whatever your business, the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to change how you operate is enormous. That’s especially so in senior care. As Wes Fuller, CEO of Further, explains: “We’re in the business of helping senior care facilities maximize revenue, and AI is the most impactful tech innovation I’ve seen since we started.” Here are six articles to help senior care professionals understand and maximize AI’s potential.

This article from HealthTech Magazine reviews how AI is and will be used to better the elderly’s quality of life, both at home and in senior living facilities. From wearable “smart tech” to augmented and virtual reality devices, senior care a decade from now will likely look much different than it does today.

From iAdvanced Senior Care, this easy-to-digest briefing outlines how AI can be used to lessen the burden of staffing shortages. Recruitment, staffing, and onboarding are just three of the mission-critical areas discussed, with supporting studies and insights from industry experts.

In this survey-based piece, Investopedia explores the possibilities of AI’s use in other forms of senior care based on the opinions surrounding those potentialities. One key takeaway:  A third of Americans, and 58% of Millennials, think AI will be used to provide in-home care to the elderly. One larger insurer is already introducing “eldercare robotics” for some policyholders with mobility issues.

Forbes explains how AI will affect marketing, whatever business you’re in. And this breezy piece likewise outlines the foundational qualities needed to harness AI, including strategic planning, an openness to data, and a willingness to accept change/adapt.

Written by ChatGPT—the best-known AI language processing tool—this clever piece explores the specifics of how chatbots can positively impact the work of senior care operators. Example: ChatGPT’s ability to understand and interpret large amounts of data can help senior living providers make more informed decisions about patient care.

Who better than the wise folks at the Harvard Business Review to explore AI’s capabilities and how they might improve the work of any organization or business? In particular, this useful piece relies on two unique data sets: a survey of 250 business leaders familiar with their firms’ AI work, and an analysis of more than 150 ongoing projects.

Whatever your path to mastering the basics and leveraging the benefits of artificial intelligence, know that this crucial sphere of technology will continue to evolve and improve for years to come. The winners and losers in virtually every industry will be determined by who exploits AI most effectively.

We know this from experience at Further. We’ve used AI for years to help senior care sales and admissions teams to convert more leads, improve service, enhance credibility, and foster loyalty.

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